We have worked through several books as we journey to know Jesus better.

The first book was a twelve week study book on James published by NavPress.  James has a lot to say, and the study helped us all.

For a couple months, we logged onto the Youversion Bible App and went through several short reading plans together.  It was great because we could add comments to what we read and we could see what each other said.

Another book we studied through was Sanctity Without Starch by Robert G. Tuttle.  (Asbury Seminary lets you download it here).  A good book about God’s grace!

We are currently examining the New Testament for examples of what Evangelism, Church growth, and Church worship should look like.  It has been a great few weeks as we pour over the Scriptures!  We have discovered several key ingredients.  The Church needs to 1) be united; 2) pray together; 3) be filled with the Holy Spirit; 4) know God’s Word and the promises in His Word; 5) Expect God to act.




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